Thursday, 8 January 2015

Wild Goose Chasing Through Perth

Also known as that one time I wanted to do something and just couldn't let it go.


About 6 years ago I did a kids scavenger hunt through the CBD of Perth. It was a self guided tour of sorts where you started at one point, traveled through the city looking for these blue plaques, decoding the message and learning new things about the City of Perth and its history.

Over the years I kept meaning to do it again, but not getting around to it.

Until this this year!

I did try to get a hold of the map prior to getting to Perth, but the tourist centre directed to me to some different tours. So I found the 'Ground Zero' plaque and trotted off to the Art Gallery to pick up my map.


Ground Zero Tales of the City plaque I was banging on about.


"You say what" they said. They had no idea what it was, but we're very helpful in suggesting to go to the tourist kiosk and asking there.

A delightful old fellow knew what I was talking about, but said with the renno's in the city, some plaques had been removed and not replaced and the tour had been discontinued.


So I trotted back to the Art Gallery because the cafe looked relish and I was hanging for a coffee. No pic, but the coffee was fab and the marinated chicken and salad really hit the spot. It's a great cafe with reasonable prices, nice staff and quirky decor.

Town Hall

Town Hall. A Tales Of the City plaque can still be found here.


Whilst there I had a mini moan about goose chasing and this damn tour on facebook.

A fabbo friend, we'll call her Emma the Google searcher hit the jackpot.


With only about 10% battery, I did as much as could from the PDF link. Unfortunately the gorgeous old guy was correct, many plaques are missing (I found half before my phone went flat, but definitely several have been removed).

I love treasure hunting, and this was almost like a geocaching adventure! Trying to find the plaques and hoping that they were still there.

If you would like to give this a whirl, there are enough plaques available to still work out most of the code.

Kangaroo Scultures at the Supreme Court Gardens. One plaque can be found near here.

Follow this link to the City of Perth webpage where you can print of the map and challenge.





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