Tuesday, 6 January 2015

C - V = NZ

By some point some of you may be wondering how we are planning on paying for our travel plans. Sadly, we have not found a large sum of money by miraculous needs (although if we did that would be great).

As Lela said in our original post, we saved for Bali literally by putting $5 a week into a joint bank account. Currently we are using the same method (but with a greater contribution, which we are increasing slowly as we can afford it) to pay for our flights, transport, and accommodation for New Zealand in January 2016.

Next challenge is spending money.

I am a total V addict. It is easy to justify. I am a single mum to three very busy teenagers. I work full time. Everyone needs a vice. I was studying at night. Blah, blah, blah. So easy to justify. Sadly my favourite vice is not good for my weight, my health, my iron levels, my sleep, and it is expensive.

I have decided I want to travel more then I want the addiction ..... so for every day I don't have a V I am putting $5 into my spending money fund. So far we are at day 7 and I have $25 put aside. I am pretty proud of myself!

I am not likely to give them up totally, but to go down from a daily habit to one a week I feel is a good start. Hopefully I will get addicted to watching my savings grow instead. I will keep you updated. Now I am back at work the challenge will really begin.

I have no intention of giving up cupcakes. They are a sometimes food, and instant happiness!

Happy saving, and happy planning everyone.

Cath xx

Disclaimer: I do realise that in English 'Z' doesn't rhyme with 'C' or 'V'. Please don't hate me. I just thought it was a cute title.

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