Thursday, 15 January 2015

4 Travel Apps You Need To Take With You

So you've booked your trip, hotel is sorted and you are on you're way. Here are four apps we think you should take along for the ride!

Priorities first. Right? Have you ever been caught out busting to go? And no idea where to go? Now we are ladies here, if we were men….well they enjoy some certain conveniences. Having said that, these two blokes didn’t find it convenient and I think they both need this app
Just open the app, ensure your location services are enabled in your settings, and it will show you the directions to your nearest toilets.
It also has an ‘I’m busting’ button to show you the closest.
The app is also useful with other information about the rest room facilities, such as disabled access, male/female/unisex toilets, if there is a toilet fee and more.
Trip Adviser
It goes without saying, I think this app is well known, but still worth mentioning. Use it as a two way street. Consider the reviews, but don’t forget to leave reviews too.
This app is useful in finding a hotel, looking for a bite to eat or finding something to do in a new city.
This is a bit of a curveball I’m throwing in. But bare with me.
Have you ever been to a new city and really wished you had a local to show you the nooks and crannies. Someone that might know the more obscure gems that Trip Advisor and your favourite travel blog don’t know about.
Try Geocaching.
Cachers, usually a local or at least someone who has experienced the area, will hide a cache (think small, like film canister size, containing a treasure, but not always, and a pen and mini-notebook), record it's coordinates on the geocache website. Sometimes they record clues, or a few facts about the area.
Using the app which has a gps and compass in it, you find the treasure. And sometimes these treasures are hidden in locations that are off the beaten track. It's an awesome way to really see a new place.
Location Specific Apps
So this is not a single app, but more a recommendation to see if there is an app for the town you are staying in. They usually have information on weather, places to stay, things to do and helpful tips.
If you think of Trip Adviser as a really big encyclopaedia, then these apps are lonely travel planet guides on a particular city.
Yes I’m 35. Yes when I went to school we didn’t have the Internet, computers ect. But my analogy still holds!
Some for WA include: Perth Travel Companion, The Margaret River Guide, Pemberton, Little Miss Bali.
Disclaimer: all these apps were available at time of publishing this post. I use a iPhone, and all these apps are available on this OS.
What apps do you swear by?
Any recommendations?




  1. I would also add a good navigational app Spyglass.It works great when offline, assuming that you pre-download maps that you need. It also has many useful features, such as marking waypoints, saving spots, measuring your speed and distance to the target, sharing locations with friends and much more.

    1. Checking this one out and I'll let you know how I go! I use google maps, but its so clunky for me. I find it really limiting.