Sunday, 28 June 2015

Alphabet Adventures

I took the girls to Boddington over the weekend to have dinner with their dad for the Little One's birthday. If anyone else is in the position of doing the same longish drive (it takes us just over an hour) on a regular basis, you will know that sometimes it can be fun to do something a bit different on the way.

We decided to do our own scavenger hunt, taking a picture which represented each letter of the alphabet. Total success! The girls all joined in and their dad got into the spirit too when we go to him (see if you can guess which ones his contributions were!). Not only did they have fun, the girls want to do the same thing when we are in Bali. That was something I hadn't been expecting.

Pictures below are in alphabetical order, but if you check out #alphabetadventures you will see the pictures in chronological order on Instagram or Twitter, or use #krisangels if you want to see our other travel or adventuring type pictures.

A is for art
B is for Boddington
C is for centrepiece
D is for Daddy and daughters
E is for engine
F is for food
G is for grub (as in "pub grub")
H is for horse
I is for icecream
J is for Jack Daniel's
K is for kangaroo
L is for lollies
M is for minesite
N is for nachos
O is for orange
P is for playground
Q is for Quindanning
R is for rum
S is for Sprite
T is for truck of trees
U is for unicorn (our car mascot, so totally counts)
V is for vague
W is for windmill
X is for best ex ever

Y is for Yaris

Z is for zig-zag