Monday, 3 November 2014


What can you do with $5 a week. A coffee? The newspaper?

Go to Bali?

Yep. Go to Bali. It started several years ago. We, Cathy and Lela, friends from way back, needed something to look forward too, a collective goal.

We could only afford $5 a week and our original goal was to go on a trip to Europe by the time we hit 40.

Time went by and a lot changed. We realised time was short. And life was too awesome to wait until we are 40 to pursue travel dreams.

We took that $5 a week and went to Bali! (future post to come!). Whilst in Bali we realised the travel bug had bitten. We realised that we loved talking, dreaming, saving and sharing our travels and ideas just as much as the travel itself.

And so it was that Kris' Angels was born. It's a play on St. Christopher, the patron saint of safe travels and the hot chicks in Charlie's Angels. We might not be the hot and nimble chicks (and we are a duo), but we hope to have safe travels and a damn good time!

We hope you enjoy our little space on the blogosphere!


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