Thursday, 15 October 2015

Flying the nest

I have just welcomed back Miss 12 and Miss 14 from a trip to Queensland.

The main reason for their visit to Queensland was to attend a Girl Guide Jamboree. However since they were in the state, they stayed on for an extra few days after the Jamboree to spend time with my extended family.

The girls flew to Queensland with the rest of the WA Girl Guide contingent, but coming home they traveled by themselves. I wouldn't say they were experienced travelers, but Miss 14 has been on a previous Girl Guide jamboree and also to Singapore on a soccer tour (I never did get her to write that blog post!). And they have both flown a couple of times with me.

So I was a little nervous but not too worried. Turns out the mistakes were mostly mine.

The things I should have done .......

Make sure they take their ID. Double check. Then check again. Miss 12 did not take her student ID despite my many reminders. Luckily I had sent the medicare card with Miss 14.

Make sure you order any special meals. My mistake. Fortunately the airline attendants took pity on my vegetarian child and fed her lots of crackers and an apple. She didn't like the vegetarian meal on the trip there so she was happy.

Check the details for pick up carefully. Very carefully. I had the times and everything correct for the girls' midnight pickup, but then their flight came in early. I was running late but should have been there on time, except I had the wrong terminal. Luckily the two are right next door within walking distance. Definitely a(nother) rookie mistake.

I was also very impressed that somehow Qantas gave me an update on the flight times. I haven't exactly worked out how they did it as it wasn't an email or a text, but rather some sort of internet update. It was pretty awesome.

The girls had a great time and are busily planning their next trip and how they are going to pay for it. The travel bug has bitten!

Save travels and happy adventuring.

Cath xx

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