Sunday, 19 April 2015

Frolic in Fremantle

We spent a beautiful Good Friday just chilling in Fremantle.

We had three missions. To visit the Elizabeth's Bookshop e, fish'n'chips for lunch, and to buy the girls' dad a belt for Easter (long story, we don't usually give belts for Easter, we usually give pyjamas).

Mission one was perfect. You could easily walk to Elizabeth's Bookshops' Fremantle warehouse from the main cafe strip area, but we drove. We drove for the simple reason that they were having a carboot sale and I did not want to walk carrying a box of books.

Look Mama! A selfie with Books.

We were a little proud of ourselves. We all stuck to our budget.

Mission two was easily accomplished ... hello Fremantle Markets, and a beautifully handmade leather belt that had holes punched while we were waiting so the holes are in the exact right spot for the person buying it.

Waiting for the girls to reappear

Tips of the day: Find an agreed meeting place for you to aim for if you lose the other members of your traveling party. I did lose the girls for a while. Which is fine at their age, and because we weren't in a rush, but there are lots of people and lots of little alleys and stalls. Picking an exit as a back up meeting place would have helped.

Also have some cash on you. Not all places accept EFTPOS. Or if you are trying to save money, don't take cash. Then if you will know if you really want something because you will have to go find an ATM to get it. This actually might be a better tip because there are so many beautiful products, it would be very easy to spend a fortune.

Three of our favourite food items at the Fremantle Markets would have to be potato-on-a-stick (this is mine by a long shot), fruit kebabs, and giant pretzels. There are lots of other foods though, including people handing out samples. Samples are always awesome.

Mission three was also easily accomplished. If you wander from the cafe strip ...

The Middling One playing tour guide

.... across the Esplanade (Which also is a fabulous place to stop for a while. Awesome playground. And on Good Friday it was great to see so many people picnicking and playing football)  ...

Perfect view

..... you will come to the Fishing Boat Harbour which has four or five places that specialise in fish'n'chips. Even on Good Friday and without a booking we only had a 20 minute wait for food. The perfect amount of time for me to enjoy a glass of wine and the live music that was playing, and for the girls to take lots of photos.

Taking photos while Mummy is enjoying a glass of wine.

For us a trip to Fremantle is not complete without a quick trip to The Pickled Fairy and a sprinkle of magic fairy dust. I still find it such a magical place to visit.

Wishing garden

These are just a couple of our favourite Freo places. Stay tuned for more a different time. There is too much to do in a day!

What are you favourite places to visit in Fremantle? Where are your favourite markets?

Happy Adventuring!

Cath xx

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